Migrating Ghost to 1.0 from 0.11.x on CentOS 7

7/29/2017 ghostlinuxcentos

Ghost has released 1.0, with breaking changes so there's no smooth upgrading method but to take a fresh install. Here's my migration of this blog to Ghost 1.0.

There's already an official tutorial (opens new window) to help you walk this through, but since it only supports Ubuntu officially, so I have to explore my own way on my CentOS 7 server. It turns out that there's not much modifications compared to Ubuntu version, so I'm just writing this down as a record of my migration.

# Backup

The new version of Ghost uses almost-the-same data structure as the older version, so backup your content by following:

  • Go to you Admin section, under Labs, click Export to make a backup json file of your posts, custom code injections, etc.

  • Go to you site directory on your server to make a copy of content folder, your images lives there.

  • Backup your themes folder as well, in case you put custom files in it, highlightjs for myself as an example.

# Install

In Ghost 1.0 or later it uses it's own CLI called ghost to manage sites, so install it by npm:

sudo npm i -g ghost-cli

Then create you site folder(For myself I created it under /usr/share/nginx/):

sudo mkdir /usr/share/nginx/ghost
cd /usr/share/nginx/ghost

Then start the install process:

ghost install local

Here I used ghost install local instead of ghost install to bypass mysql configuration.

When the installation was successfully done, it runs itself immediately. If you used nginx/Apache for your previous version of ghost, you may directly access this new site from your browser.

However, it configures your site url default to http://localhost:2368, you need to change it manually, among with other configurations like mail. Under your site root folder:

vim config.development.json

This makes your site runs under development mode, you can just copy it to config.production.json to make your site runs in production.

After you modifying your config file, run:

ghost restart

Your site will restart with new configurations and ready to roll! 😉

Last Updated: 5/6/2021, 3:44:21 AM